“He brings to his playing a well cultivated mind, and seems particularly suited to works of a lyrical, romantic nature. He has a feeling for refinement of nuance and flexibility, and his interpretations are spontaneous and provide pleasurable listening.”

Dr. Miriam Hyde
O.B.E; A.R.C.M; L.R.A.M

“The 1994 Liberace Club of Las Vegas reunion pinnacled with the magnificent performance of a very talented young man from Australia. Seated behind Liberace’s sparkling grand piano in the Tivoli Lounge, Phillip Wilcher performed a beautiful repertoire of musical selections in a tribute to Liberace. His brilliant piano artistry favoured the audience with classical as well as popular musical pieces. His artistic sensitivity was also evident when he performed two of his own compositions, “Chopiniana”, a piece written for an 80th birthday celebration of a leading Australian composer, and “Consolation”, a beautiful melody depicting a peaceful serenity.

Linda Claussen
Personal Portraits
Liberace Club of Las Vegas

“I found him to be a man with considerable music knowledge and skill.”

Dr. Franz Holford
Founder Canon Music Journal

“It was such a pleasure to meet you and to hear you play. I know everyone enjoyed hearing you on Liberace’s birthday.”

Barbara J. Shaw
The Liberace Foundation for the
Creative and Performing Arts
Las Vegas

You know, you could be an Ambassador of Ireland . Your playing could make the world fall in love with Ireland all over again, then the Irish would make you their new Saint – Saint Phillip’s day!!

Jacqui F
From a note to Phillip Wilcher after a performance of some Irish folk tunes.